Studio TWOZEROTWO showcases local Walla Walla area artists. We present some as resident artists for a year or longer, with new artwork added regularly. We also host a guest artist which rotates quarterly. There’s always something new at Studio TWOZEROTWO

 Guest Artist: Augusta Sparks Farnum

Augusta's time at Boca del Chorro has inspired a summer of exploration, not to mention the leaps and bounds from the stiff alter of last winter. The ceramic work, reminiscent of her 2014 show at the Telander Studio, is just here from New Mexico. 

View Augusta's work on display in the Studio through September 2017.





Resident Artist: Squire Broel 

Over the past few years, while artist Squire Broel completed and installed large-scale commissioned sculptures, he made an intentional decision to hold off on publicly exhibiting his personal studio work.  During that time he continued to explore the ideas and aesthetics that he had engaged in over the past two decades.  Embracing a new reality he began to question the validity of a creative career that focused solely on a linear and specific trajectory.  “Creativity–much like life–is chaotic, mysterious and often misunderstood.  But also like life, it is spontaneous, exhilarating and ever-changing.”  That line of thinking formed much of the motivation behind the curated selection of works in Studio TWOZEROTWO.



Resident Artist: Penny Michel  

For the past 15 years, Penny Michel, a ceramic artist, has specialized in sculptures, bowls, and platters. Her glazing techniques are unique and inspiring. Her work is inspired by the ancient cultures of Mesopotamia and others in the Middle East.

View her work in the Studio, or online at 


Local Artist?

If you are an artist in the Walla Walla area and would like to be considered for feature in the gallery, please contact us at 509-876-8086 or email